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SF : One week to the January 17 Conference on Career Managem

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5 Good reasons to attend the Jan 17, 2013, conference in Foster City, 5:30-8:30pm

  • With the return to a growth economy, new career opportunities will be generated that you may want to seize
  • Larger (and smaller) companies increasingly implement processes and tools to provisionally manage talent pools – processes and tools you want to take into account
  • Executive search is evolving, and, more than before, recruiters expect candidates to do their part to be found
  • The conference is a great opportunity to get your questions answered, whether from our very qualified panelists, or from fellow attendees during networking
  • With a cyclical economy, product and market evolutions or capital events (mergers & acquisitions) leading to frequent reorganizations, it’s critical to know how to plan for your next position


Our four seasoned panelists will share their views and respond to your questions on the Job Market and how to succeed with managing your career:


  • Mike Lynch, Senior Partner, Korn/Ferry International.

Korn/Ferry is a top-ranking executive search firm in the Bay and globally. Mike is a well-known and networked recruiter, also in charge of his Firm’s Career Management practice


  • Rhonda Simmons, Director of Workforce Development, City of San Francisco.

Rhonda will speak to the City’s strategy to attract corporations in high-growth industries and manage its own 26,000 staff workforce.


  • Debbie Cohen, Chief of People, Mozilla.

Debbie brings the perspective of a Silicon Valley icon, the publisher of the Firefox browser. She will talk about how Mozilla recruits and retains talent.


  • Pierre Adida, CEO, AD Personnel Services.

Pierre is very experienced recruiter with a special interest in French professionals. He will provide vision of the state of the market and challenges to match candidates with jobs.


We count on your participation to make this first French Alumni career services event a success! Please register now at:


The event will start with snacks and drinks from 5.30 to 6.00pm. Panelist presentations and panel Q&A with the audience will start at 6:00pm and end around 7:30pm, followed by additional networking opportunities until 8:30pm.

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