I choose to be an interim manager because I like working on short and intense cycles. I also appreciate to repair what is stuck or getting adrift (no wonder if I am an engineer).

I played this role a lot as a consultant (a very operational one), called on emergency for crisis situations, often on the international stage (Asia, Europe, Africa).

I intervene mostly in two types of situation: project management, small and big ones, and restructuring when performances are not any more considered satisfactory.

For the project management:
1) In the starting up, to put the frame solidly, decline the objectives, verify that the necessary means will be available at the deliberate moment, gather the team in a shared ambition;
2) In case of drift to identify the causes, take the necessary measures, and resume an approach of starting up and re-motivate the teams.

For the restructuring of an entity, both keywords are “considered" and "unsatisfactory".

Then the situations are quite various, but the major points of my action are:
- Wrongly defined or wrongly understood objectives,
- Necessary and nevertheless unavailable means,
- Accumulation of procedures and amendments of the procedures,
- Lack of motivation of the teams.

In a nut shell, define the objective, the necessary means, give to the team the ambition to succeed and REALIZE.

My major assets are being engineer, pragmatic and attached to the result, and my double experience of manager and coach. And before all, a very big curiosity, like “Wouldn’t it work better if we were doing that?”

Key words :

Restructuration......Performance improvement
Organisation.........Business Process Outsourcing

Interim manager............Managing director.....Change management
Interim management.....Project manager.......Change manager
Transition manager.......Project management
Transition management


Services BtoB, BtoC, Telecommunications


Expériences professionnelles


BERTEMU , Montreuil

Correspondent in jakarta


De Janvier 1991 à Novembre 1991

ICT Business Intelligence in Indonesia.

Senior consultant


De Septembre 1987 à Août 1990

> Assessment of private telecommunication systems : French Public Services, Elf-Aquitaine, Grand Louvre museum, Canal+, taxi companies, Winter Olympic games, French military networks;

> Recommandation to the regulatory bodies concerning radio networks: European Fast Trains (EEC), Radio Data Networks (France and EEC).

Computer department manager


De Mars 1986 à Octobre 1987

In charge of the computerization of the accounting.



Interim Manager and consultant in organisation and management

Organization / performance improvement
> Texa Services, France, administrative staff performance improvement ; 15% and 20% improvement in 5 months on two pilots sites, and delivery of a guidebook for spreading the change
> Strategy and development in Morocco, EEC funded project ; consulting for telecommunications companies
> Support for a quickly growing small telecom company in Morocco: 6 weeks over a 2-year period ; organization and process ; coaching for the top executives ; conflict resolution ; change management
> Comaner group, Morocco : sales force training for a more integrated commercial strategy at the group level
> Support to the French hospitals for the evaluation of the ROI
> Support for a top-level civil servant training center : reorganization and diagnosis of the most important dysfunctions
> WFEO (World Federation of Engineers Organizations), organization and strategy

Telecommunications operators / transformation projects
> Haïti Teleco due diligence for the ICF (World Bank)
> Ghana Telecom due diligence for Etisalat (Rothschild Bank) ; in charge of the reorganization
> Cameroon Telecom : audit and recommendations before privatization ; World Bank funded contract

Management / people
> France Telecom Marine support while and after buying a subsidiary, and top executives coaching
> Training for future coaches in Morocco
> Management training for Algerian executives, (Djezzy, Schneider Algeria, local MBA)
> Management training for high-potential young executives, Vivaki (Publicis)
> Team-building for the Ministry of Education (France)
> Intercultural training and group support (Lexmark, Eramet, FT Marine)
> Top executives coaching and team-building

Director of the consulting department


- Outsourcing, in cooperation with the Managed Services department : negotiation and realization of the organization of the new entities, process design, SLAs, change management (New-Zealand, England, Taiwan, Brunei, Egypt)

- Network planning and architecture (Germany, Slovenia, Russia, USA, Canada, Brazil, Singapore, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia), both for fixed and mobile networks

- Change management related to the outbreak of new technology and services

- Interoute project : 47 000 km of optical fiber in Europe, 22 countries, 78 cities connected : negotiation and realization of the Managed Services, mainly focused on processes implementation and security management

- New operators : change management, organization and Business Process design : tendering, negotiation and direction of several projects, mainly Carrier’s carrier and LMDS (6M Euros in 2000)

- Consulting for Telcos : in the framework of Alcatel major turnkey projects, providing support regarding the organisationnal implementation of the new network and services

- Development and training programs for the telcos, focused on high value-added services.

Free-lance consultant


Technology transfer between France and Indonesia :
- Reprocessing the France Telecom Pointel network in Jakarta’s Southern outskirts;
- Development and improvement of Jakarta cable network.

Deputy director


- France Telecom representation : deregulation process in Indonesia, international traffic management (Philipines, Indonesia, Fiji), contacts with the government bodies

- Local responsability for France Telecom subsidiaries
> BOT project in Jakarta with Sofrecom (150 000 lines),
> Preparation of the further project in Sumatra
> CRM project (36 MUS$, 2M subscribers)
> Paging project with TDF
> Technical support to PALAPA satellites
> World Bank funded training program (Master and PhD diplomas for 120 students).



I managed financial databases

Formations complémentaires


2003 à 2004

Telecom ParisTech - Telecommunications

1983 à 1983

Lycée Fénelon

1975 à 1980

Parcours officiels

Télécom Paris – Ingénieur – 1983