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Dear all,

We would like to invite you to an exclusive event at the Tate Modern to celebrate the Miró exhibition « The Ladder of Escape » .

A Private Tour (before the opening of the Tate to the public) will be led by art historian Linda Bolton.

Tate Modern – Miró– Friday 12th August 8.30am - 10am

Main West Entrance
Bankside London SE1 9TG
8.30am -10am

Please register on: http://tatemiro12august2011.eventbrite.com
This exclusive event will be attended by a small group of guests. We will use a first in first serve booking system via Eventbrite with a waiting list.

Do not hesitate to register on the waiting list if you are interested and available as we have experienced many last minute cancellations on similar events in the past.

We would like to thank Catherine Petitgas without whom this event would not have been possible.

Grandes Ecoles City Circle



Intervenants :
Linda Bolton
art historian

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Tate Modern

Main West Entrance BANKSIDE LONDON SE1 9TG

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