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[Coursera] Promote your Scientific Results

Whether you are a member of the natural or human science community, if you are a PhD student, professor, part of an academic department or international research team, or self-employed and you wish to showcase your work to a wider audience then this is the perfect course for you. You will learn how to promote your work to professional peers, the general public, as well as the media.

The free version (open to all enrollments) contains:
30 videos (4 and a half total hours) of high-quality lessons conducted by various experts.
Multiple embedded discussion, readings, and reflective tasks (4-5 hours) to further deepen your learning.
Several discussion forums where you can network and collaborate with fellow participants.

Participants who wish to obtain official Coursera certification for their training are invited to carry out and receive passing grades on three peer-reviewed assignments and two quizzes.

In this MOOC, we have been incredibly fortunate to gather a team of experienced professionals from scientific experts, to media specialists, to communication coaches, who frequently appear at conferences and on various face-to-face and online platforms. You will gain key takeaways that you can adapt to your own communication contexts. To further deepen your learning experience, you will collaborate with an international scientific community to reflect on and fine-tune your own skills in pitches, presentations, approach to question and answer sessions, networking, and speaking to the media.

Enseignantes :

Bethany Cagnol, Professor and Scientific Communication Coach, Languages and Cultures Department, Télécom Paris

Sinead Namur, English professor and debate specialist, Languages and Cultures Department, Télécom Paris

Cécile Michaut, Scientific journalist and communications trainer for "Science et Partage"

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Vendredi 10 décembre 2021
09h00 - 18h00



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Vendredi 10 décembre 2021
09h00 - 18h00

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