Présentation de l’auteur(trice)

Philippe GINIER-GILLET (Ingénieur, 1985)
MBA (London Business School)

Sales & management of Consulting services

• Studies of emerging markets, Due diligence of start-ups

• Strategic consultancy to innovative SMBs and BUs

• Management of Change & Organisational transformation within Large Enterprises

A Know-How blending four distinctive fields of expertise

• Advisor to CEOs on decision making in complex environments

• Conference speaker, Seminars facilitator

• International Management of business lines, based 10 years in London, UK and Los Angeles, USA

• Adjunct Professor - Technological entrepreneurship & innovation, Ecole Polytechnique [The leading science & technology graduate university in France for 200 years]

My Convictions as a practitioner of innovation

• Never underestimate a market unwillingness to adopt an innovation.

• Innovation with a big I does not exist. Drivers of innovation do. Which driver to leverage from is a strategic choice.

• Innovation creates first Fears Uncertainties and Doubts rather than opportunities.

• The most influent processes to manage innovation are those owned by the Finance and HR Departments.

• The weakest link in innovation management is often the Product Management function.

• “Best innovation practices” must be adapted to the realities and specificities of each organization.

• Creation of competitive advantages. Alignment with corporate strategy. Two key issues to do with innovation strategy but not so easily addressed by many firms.

• The acid test of an innovation strategy is not the first but the second generation of products & services. Because innovation is sustainable – thanks to capabilities built over time..

• Three guiding principles to manage the Fuzzy Front End of innovation

­ - Think not in silos but collaborative and transverse : “It takes an orchestra to play a symphony”

­ - Back and forth from strategic thinking to operational testing: “The devil is in the details”

­ - Start with multi functional & business perspectives: “To a hammer, every problem is a nail problem”

Publications de l’auteur(trice)

Editorial Entreprendre dans les DEEPTECH Philippe GINIER-GILLET (Ingénieur, 1985)
Éditorial Philippe GINIER-GILLET (Ingénieur, 1985)