Présentation de l'auteur

Yves POILANE (Ingénieur du Corps, 1984)
I chose the digital sector back in the early 80's, deeply convinced it was to change the world.

I decided to be a civil servant, in a modern way, adapted to the issues of the late XXth century and early XXIst century.

I went a couple of times from purely general interest activities to more commercial oriented ones. I went through the transformation of ancient French PTT to the modern Orange Telco.

Therefore, my main abilities and interests are in:

-Change Management

-Human Ressources Management

-Management of very large business units.

-Marketing and commercial issues as well as in motivation tools. How to help people to feel good at work.

-Management in a technological context

-Marketing of IT services

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Éditorial Yves POILANE (Ingénieur du Corps, 1984)