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29 juin 2022

To make the world a place with strong security, privacy and digital ownership for all

VALDIMO is a star-tup created in April 2021 and incubated at the Télécom Paris incubator. Valmido mission is to simplify and secure each daily interaction individuals have with any connected devices by providing a multi-app device as a companion to mobile and web service

The key problems with passwords

Each person has, on average, more than 100 online and mobile accounts, each one requiring a password, and this number could double within three years. We mainly use either a simple password, reuse a few passwords or use password managers. All these are root causes of security issues with major potential financial impacts like phishing and ransomware.

The US DOJ estimated the financial losses due to Identity theft at 17 billion USD per year for the US only.


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Adam Tangun (1995)
Mba (Isa)

Founder & CEO of Akuit , an umbrella company (contractor) that provides tailored solutions to consultants. Akuit faciliates networking and collaborative work, helps creating its own business, provides infrastructure, takes care of administrative burdens while providing social coverage and an extensive benefits package in France and abroad.

Launched Go Beyond, an Angel Investing Academy

Founder & President of a seed capital investment club

Member of the Board of 3 start ups

Co founder & treasurer of the first angel network in Europe dedicated to sustainable development (DDIDF)

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